Welcome to Fort Lonesome Farm, with Herbs Erbs, The Orange Grove and Veggies.

Walk the NoGmo Trail thru the Forest of Food,

Come and Enjoy the sounds of "The Land Lost In Chimes!

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Strawberry Prairie NOW OPEN!

Strawberries till Mothers Day.

All Natural, Mother Natures Way! If you want poisons, genetically altered or dangerous foods, then don't come here!

Mulberries Ready NOW!





Fort Lonesome Farm...

The "Family Farm" thats built for YOU.


When you visit, we all win, Thanks for picking us again.

Healthy food with lots of fun, Things to share with your son.

In the summer we may melt, We do it for your family's health,

You can pack a lunch or pick it here, Spread a blanket and smell the air.

Walk the grounds when its sunny, bring your wife, she's your honey,

Have some fun with your kids, just like you and your parents did.

Family,,,Spend some time together, without the cell phones, video games or the internet.

Sounds boring, try it, just once, you'll be back.

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